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The most popular flavor, using local fresh sweet potato and the exclusive recipe of Old Papa sweet potato ball, it is the most classic street snack in Taiwan.


Plum powder

The classic sweet potato balls are accompanied by sweet plum powder, which not only brings out the sweetness of sweet potatoes, but also brings out unexpected new taste.



The nori powder is sprinkled on the sweet potato balls that are crispy outside and chewy inside. When tasting, it has a wonderful taste and is matched with delicious seaweed. It is a taste worth trying.


Pepper salt

Salty and sweet, with a hint of pepper.
Special pepper salt that perfect match with sweet potato balls, eat again and again, you can not stop~.



Strictly select the spicy and Sichuan pepper,
and it is spicy and tongue-numbing flavor mix with the sweet potato ball is full of praise from our friends who like spicy food!